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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jun 25, 2000  7:01 pm
Subject:  Re: Cued Speech and SignWriting ;-)

At 1:00 PM -0400 6/25/00, Amy Ruberl wrote:
>Perhaps a description if how to cue "moo", like what a cow says in the
>USA. You place a flat open hand, fingers together, palm facing the cuer,
>on the chin (the tip of the middle finger touching the center of the
>chin). Meanwhile your mouth starts out with the lips together (posture
>for /m/) then transitions to a "pucker" the posture for the long u sound.
>How would you show the transition of mouth shape?

>I will try to create GIFs of all the handshapes and placements for the
>list. I think I have them in a file on my computer somewhere.

SignWriting List
June 25, 2000

That's great, Amy, and we look forward to seeing your GIFs ;-)

And yes....we can write the movements of speech on the mouth, tongue
and face. Including mouth-transitions. So recording Cued Speech would
be a combination of SignWriting and SpeechWriting.

Back in 1979 I wrote a small booklet called "Sutton SpeechWriting".
This booklet illustrated my attempts at writing the detailed
movements of the mouth, jaw and tongue while people speak. It was
written while I was a consultant at NTID. Audiologists and speech
pathologists at NTID stimulated the project. I analyzed detailed
videos of speech production, and developed a system for notating the
movements. Indirectly this was an influence on SignWriting, since
some movements of the mouth are recorded when writing signed
languages. The booklet is no longer in print.

If I were doing the same work today, I would write the mouth
movements slightly differently because the system has improved since
1979. But attached is a sample GIF of some old SpeechWriting. The big
black symbols to the side of each face are for breathing - they show
exhaling. The chin has arrows showing the dropping of the chin and
then the chin comes up again. And of course there are many more
details written here, including tension in the chin at the end...
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