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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jun 25, 2000  2:12 pm
Subject:  Cued Speech and SignWriting ;-)


At 4:23 PM -0400 6/23/00, Amy Ruberl wrote:
> I spoke to a group of graduate students about Cued Speech the other night
>and was excited to be able to tell them about the spread of signwriting as
>well. No one in the room was familiar with either Cued Speech or
>signwriting. I always mention SW when a I talk about CS. I figure the
>more knowledge everyone has about what is available the more skills we can
>give our children.
>In case you are wondering, I am a teacher of deaf and hard of hearing
>students and the president of the Maryland Cued Speech Association. I
>have taught oral/aural, signing, and cueing students of all ages. The
>students with the best skills in any spoken language are the CS students
>(a senior I worked with was in all honors classes, taking Spanish 2 and
>French 5, getting straight As). The second best were the deaf of deaf
>students who obviously had fluent ASL skills but still struggled with
>English as a second language missing idiomatic expression, multiple
>meanings, and had poor syntax.
>Just wanted to let everyone know a little more about CS and give you
>another resource (me) for answering any questions you have about it. You
>can email me at this address or .
>Amy Ruberl
>Maryland Cued Speech Association President


SignWriting List
June 25, 2000

Hello SignWriting List Members!

And thank you, Amy, for your outstanding message about Cued Speech
and SignWriting.

I didn't realize that you are the president of the Maryland Cued
Speech Association. I feel very honored that you are interested in
SignWriting and have chosen to contribute to the SignWriting List,
and to mention it in your Cued Speech presentations. Thank you for
that ;-))

I can remember back when I first learned about Deaf culture, I was
surprised to learn how fanatic some people were about one theory or
another, regarding Deaf education. Since many Deaf people
historically have not received the respect they deserved, that is not
surprising of course. But the "all or nothing attitude" that some
people have about one theory or the other, can actually hurt Deaf
people too. It must be terrible to be a Deaf child, with all the
adults arguing over how you should be "allowed" to communicate.

I guess it all comes down to tolerance, and understanding that
everyone is an individual and has a right to their different needs.

I suspect that Cecelia Smith was really commenting on the fact that
journalists oftentimes write things in "black and white". They might
assume that if someone learns to lip read well with Cued Speech, that
then they would stop signing and never use ASL. But we all know that
both spoken and signed languages stand side-by-side in society and
the "either-or" attitude is not realistic.

So Cued Speech and SignWriting also stand side-by-side with no
conflict. Cued Speech can improve the understanding of spoken
languages, and SignWriting provides the written form for signed

So I would like to end this note with an interesting challenge (grin ;-)

Since SignWriting can record movement in general, I bet we could
write the movements of Cued Speech with SignWriting symbols! Want to

Just write the handshapes used in Cued Speech near the mouth or chest
as it is done...that would teach all of us how to perform the Cued
Speech movements...

If someone can prepare a GIF and attach it to an email message - send
it to the SignWriting List - we would love to learn how to read it!

And thanks again for writing, Amy!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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