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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Sep 19, 1998  8:28 pm
Subject:  Advanced SignWriting Materials

On Wed, 16 Sep 1998 Ben Karlin wrote:
>While it would be invaluable to assemble a team all in one place
>(imagine the intellectual energy in that room!) wouldn't it also be
>possible to take some of the "Performance" and poetry videotapes and
>transcribe them in order to get some of those more copmplex works?
>It would be interesting to explore the copyright problems that go along
>with that. I know that captions get a different copyright then the
>script on which they are based.
>I can imagine...., oh, some of the Valli poems transcribed for use in
>literature classes, for example, ABC stories, etc etc. Anybody got some
>extra time?

>Ben Karlin >

Hello Ben and Everyone!
You make a great point about the transciption of ASL videos and I hope more
and more of that is done in SignWriting. Actually transcribing video is a
real art. I have done a lot of transcription in my day - especially foreign
signed languages. And the detail is rich with the grammer and syntax of the
language. Oftentimes I go overboard with too many facial expressions when I
transcribe. It all depends on how much detail you want. Since SignWriting
can record mime and gesture, there is no reason why we can't write

We have been talking so much about second graders and easy materials, that
some of you may have forgotten my earlier posting in August about some of
our more advanced materials, which are transcribed from videotape. When the
schools feel ready, they are welcome to receive these materials as well.
Here are two of those books:

1. "Learn To Read ASL"
Goldilocks, Reading Level 3
Intermediate ASL Reader & Workbook

Each frame from the videotaped story of Goldilocks is captured and placed
as a photograph in the book in the sequence of the story. Next to each
photo, is the written SignWriting for the sign. The SignWriting symbols are
color-coded in a unique way, to assist in quick reading. This is an
excellent book for serious SignWriting students. It establishes a firm
foundation for Reading Level 4. Students also write complete ASL sentences
for the first time. Over 40 pages. All photos are of Darline Clark
Gunsauls, who signed the story on the video.

2. Goldilocks, Reading Level 4
Advanced ASL Reader

Complete story of Goldilocks, based on the videotape: "The SignWriting
Children's Stories Series", signed by Darline Clark Gunsauls. This is a
true study in reading ASL grammar, including classifiers, role shifting,
and eyegaze. All the nuances of ASL were written, showing the visual
accuracy and flexibility of the SignWriting system. It includes over 40
pages of SignWriting text with colorful illustrations, and an ASL-English
dictionary in the back listing the vocabulary used in Reading Level 4. When
a student can read this book directly in ASL with no hesitation, they are
truly fluent "SignReaders".


These two books will be available later this fall -

All the best -

Valerie :-)


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