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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Sep 19, 1998  8:36 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Flashcards

Hi Everyone -
I sent ten sets of flashcards to ten different people last Thursday, so
some of you may be receiving them now. As you know, this was just an
experiment - in around three hours I created an idea for flashcards that I
am hoping may be useful to the teacher of second graders at Texas School
for the Deaf, who requested more materials.

The truth is...I have no idea if they will be useful or not! They are based
on the books that the teachers already received through the SignWriting
Literacy Project. Those of you who are not teachers in that project may
find the cards a little harder, especially if you do not already know

But...perhaps it will stimulate you to learn SignWriting...I hope so. There
are free lessons online on our web site - so the opportunity is always
there for you.

Also you will notice some jagged edges on the enlarged SignWriting diagrams
on the flashcards. I am well aware they are there! It would have taken me
hours to clean those jagged edges up, and since I don't even know if the
flashcards will be useful or not, I wanted to wait to see your reaction
before I invest more time. But if some of you want them I can go back to
the drawing board and give you better artwork :-)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone -

All the best -

Valerie :-)


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