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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jun 29, 2000  4:29 am
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

At 11:40 PM -0400 6/28/00, Nancy Cole wrote:
>I have a difficult time explaining to my
>students that signs are different all over. Ummm I'm not even sure how to
>put this question....but we were wondering is...if we are using the SW
>lessons, and one of the signs shows different than how we use it here in NM,
>should we rewrite the sign? We are only "babies" in this new technique, and
>quite unsure of ourselves. We are trying to change some of my students books
>into SW and alittle worried about how we should do it. So, any suggestions
>would be helpful:)

SignWriting List
June 28, 2000

Hello SW List, and Nancy!

Your question is an excellent one ;-)

Since the SignWriting symbols can write any movement, you can choose
to write exactly how you sign, or you can write how someone else is your choice.

As you know, there is an ASL dictionary in the SignWriter shareware.
Have you downloaded the shareware, Nancy?

Download SignWriter Shareware

When you use SignWriter, you will find a dictionary of 3100 ASL signs
written in SignWriting for you.

Those 3100 signs were typed in SignWriting by three native signing
Deaf people, plus two others also contributed some signs. All five
came from different parts of the USA.

Kathy Say from Arizona
Butch Zein from Texas
Bonita Ewan from Maryland? (not sure...I have to check that)
Lucinda Batch from New Jersey
Denny Voreck from California (his parents are Deaf from Austria)

All of them discuss SignWriting on the web:

I mention this because our dictionary has many styles of signing in is not just one dialect at all. There is one standardizing
factor though - all five attended Gallaudet University.

And they oftentimes disagreed with each other on signs, so I
sometimes placed several ways of writing the same sign in the

So you are most welcome to write as you wish!

You are also welcome to ask technical questions, if you are having
trouble writing a particular sign...

That is great that you are writing children's stories ;-))

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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