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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  3:31 pm
Subject:  Re: JSL video

Hi Joe,

I loved to read your message. Thanks for that.

Just would like to comment this last idea :

Joe wrote on June, 30 , 2000 1:47 PM

Maybe in the language I am scribing, what I see as
> an irrelevant detail might turn out to be some crucial thing like a verb
> inflection. How would I know? But then, I can't write down every
> teeny-weeny phonetic detail, either.
> Oh dear, oh dear.

That is our chance I guess. Looking at our well -known ( ??? ;-) )
SignLanguage I am in danger to write what I think the signer performs in
order to demonstrate my understanding of his message.
Writing this Japanes SL I try to learn "watching" carefully at all the
details that might be of importance. Having done this - I get a feedback.
What did you see - nodding, wrist-flexing , shoulders lifting, eyes closing,
rotation movement, handshape flat hand or five fingers spread, tense, quick
movement, curved movement that is close to the body or far away, cheeks
filled with air , torso movement to the side, touch - contact ...

Next question: Do we agree on the symbols (movement up = double stem,
wristflexing - line with arrow down or up or , ...) can you read my
transcription as a kind of video ?
If so - congratulations to both of us - one step further in the whole
process .
If a deaf person comptent in JSL would watch you or me or anybody else from
our group performing "loud" reading - can he understand ? If so - almost
wonderfull !

So for the purpose of learning I donīt care if there is a detail too much.
Iīm interested to know - just in case I would like to -- how can I express a
specific detail in SW. As soon as I have the competence I can decide to
write it or not to write it. But as long as Iīm not sure - I canīt decide I
just would follow my limited possibilities - and that wouldnīt be ok.


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