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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  3:54 pm
Subject:  Working Behind the Scenes in July ;-)

SignWriting List
June 30, 2000

Dear SignWriting List Members!

Thanks so much for your great posts. I love reading them so much that
I forget to do other important jobs!

So this is what I have decided to do....

I am going to try to finish a number of projects in July. Some of them are:

1. 18 Fingerspelling True Type Fonts designed by Michael Everson.
Michael is doing the work, but I am assisting in editing. And Jerry
Spillman is also helping. This includes Japanese Fingerspelling
(something new).

2. Developing a database for signs in existing database software.
Wayne - I hope to be able to give you information on this by the end
of the summer, for your databases.

3. Writing a manual on how to use .pdf files to our advantage - there
are many features that can be used specifically with SignWriting.

4. I would like to do one more new piece of literature for the new
school year ...and yes ....I am going to have lots of facial
expressions, since I believe people read Sign Literature faster with
facial expressions.

5. Our seminar for teachers from New Mexico is happening on July
20-23...I look forward to seeing you!

6. Start work on television editing for the documentary on
SignWriting in Albuquerque.

7. Web design of Invild Roald's work..important new work ;-)

8. And then there is SignWriter 5.0...which is done is pieces and the
pieces need to be put together.

9. The SignWriting Cursive book by Karen van Hoek also needs my attention.

10. Our web site needs some improvements..

I think that is enough for July! ;-)

Meanwhile, the SW List is here for all of us as a source of
information, so please keep posting your great messages!

The four participants of the video transcription course, Joe, Wayne,
Mark and Stefan...have already demonstrated that they can transcribe
signs, post their SignWriting, and then do excellent analysis of each
other's I would suggest to the four of you to just
continue on your own without me....then later in August I can make
comments on some of it.

That is my thought for July!!

Meanwhile, if any of you need to write to me privately, of course I
am here working behind the scenes -

I will be back on the SignWriting List in August....Have a wonderful
July everyone!!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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