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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  2:48 pm
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

At 3:47 AM -0700 6/30/00, Joe Martin wrote:
> Other registers are used with babies--"baby talk," whether in sign or
>speech, consists of certain consistent modifications. Some of
>these are just for the particular language, and others seem to apply to
>everybody. "Foreigner talk," described below, is another register; raising
>the voice (in speech) or larger movements (in signs) is one of its
>characteristic features.
> So, little Irina is just demonstrating her excellent command of her
>native language, by using the appropriate registers in different
>situations. Give her a compliment, Stefan!

SignWriting List
June 30, 2000

Beautifully stated, Joe!

That was exactly what I was trying to say about little Irina - she
was following the normal pattern of people native to a language -
native signers are able to adjust their signing depending on the
situation and that means "true fluency" on Irina's part....

So I agree - she should be complimented for her flexibility...she is
reaching out to other students at their level of comprehension
instinctively - I bet she will become an excellent teacher some day,
if she chooses to teach...

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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