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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jul 5, 2000  2:14 pm
Subject:  Re: Lucky

At 8:47 AM -0400 7/5/00, Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:
> I think I understand what the problem is! When you see those
>curved arrows, do you see them going behind or in front of the straight
>arrow? I've been seeing them as going in front (which would mean that
>your arrows would describe the middle finger brushing from left to right
>instead of right to left). So you intended them to go behind...
> Also, why did you choose to put a touching symbol rather than a
>brushing symbol, and why only one?

SignWriting List
July 5, 2000

Hello Everyone, and Angus!

As you know, although I sign conversationally in ASL, I am still a
foreigner to ASL and I have no Deaf staff to ask about the language
at this moment.

So your sign for "lucky", Angus, is not the same sign as my sign for
"lucky". But neither are wrong - they just "are".

Your sign brushes. Mine does not. The brush is correctly written in
your sign, but it would be wrong to place it in my sign, since I did
not brush! Of course you should write the brush symbol if that is
what your sign does ;-) regards to writing do need dark arrowheads,
since those show movement with the right hand. If you write the
general arrowhead as you originally did, that would mean that both
hands move in the same path, and of course in this case, that would
be impossible.

The dark and light arrowheads are important when one writes true ASL,
because Deaf people oftentimes will place their right hand on the
left side of the body, or they will sign with both right and left
hands in interchangeable fashion...and the information of right and
left is very important in those cases. Therefore we make it a rule to
always use the dark or light arrowheads for right and left hands

Below I have attached a GIF. I believe the first sign at the top was
yours? Below are my two guesses as what you might want. I do not know
your sign, so I do not know if you want it to rotate towards your
body (the sign bottom left), or away from your body (the sign bottom

The arrows on the rotation symbols are placed on one side of the stem
line or the other side of the stem line, depending on how the
movement is done. I know I need to improve my instruction on these
arrows - I need better life like illustrations and I have not had a
chance to get to those yet....

So I would like to close with one last thought - You wrote the
original signs fine, Angus. Yes there were tiny things...but I still
could see you were attempting to write a sign similar to the one I
knew, so I got the point of your message anyway. But their is an
irony to all had once said you were not sure standardized
spellings were necessary. And this is an example as to why some
people want standardized spellings - because they don't want to have
to learn those darned rotation symbols! They want someone else to
write them for them - ha!

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