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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Wed Jul 5, 2000  9:27 pm
Subject:  Discussion spelling of "Lucky NM"

Dear Valerie - behind the scenes - (hi hi everybody seems to know that You
didnīt take your day off !!! ha )
hi Angus, *Joe ;-) and everybody..

When I saw the contribution from Angus (lucky and Chili pepper) the first
time - I thought - great chance to check my reading abilities - Iīm not
interested in learning the ASL - sign - no - Iīm just interested to find
out - can I perform this movement.

I didnīt want to bother anybody - so I asked Angus privately.
I offered a variety of possibilities in order to allow him to check that
version that offers enough information to be undestood by an "uninformed
reader " (s.b. who doesnīt know the meaning or the SL where this movement is
taken from)

All I had in mind was to understand the idea - what movement is meant.

The second sign - I call it " lucky NM stages " was written now
differently - back of hand facing the signer - ("black")

So Angus decided to change the writing , he added the line that everybody
knows where to put the thumb.

Now this sign can hardly be misinterpreted . (Just one thing Angus - I donīt
understand why you donīt allow the "happy" facial expression I suggested ?
(hihihihi ;-) )
My students would appriciate this big smile as a kind of additional
information to distinguish this sign from others .

What I learn from this is that it is worth to ask back.

Now - there was another sign , that causes much more problems

next message

Stefan ;-)

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