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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Wed Jul 5, 2000  10:08 pm
Subject:  wrong direction - rotation movement

Hi Valerie , Angus, *Joe ;-) and everybody,

here is my last message for today.

In order to understand the symbol for rotational movements with the forearm
up - parallel to the wall - it might be helpfull to have a litte video-clip
or a step by step sequence in SW.

There are different possibilities - rotation only once, (= 1 arrow) or
repeatet rotation (= two arrows) but looking very close to the symbols you
can choose between the stem curving down - or up "

I understand that you prefer to put the arrows with curving up stems above a
hand -
you put the arrows with curving down stems beneath a hand -

is that correct ?

But what is the difference ? I learned that you can focus on the thumb o
r on the babyfinger . Two different spellings but the same movement
description - (just a more comfortable feeling with the one or the other )

Can you explain - some weeks later - when you show up from behind the scenes
this issue with some examples - beginning, middle , end - of palm -
positon --- kind of that. Iīm afraid I have to rewrite lots of signs in my
dictionary - but that would be fine if in the end I would be able to explain
the differences to my students ... Learning is fun - but can be such a
burdon to the teacher if his students donīt understand the facts that are
sooooo obvious to the teacher ( big smile !!)

Stefan ;-)

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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2000 7:32 AM
Subject: Re: Lucky

> SignWriting List
> July 3, 2000
> Great try, Angus. Yes I know you are a beginner but it is great you
> are contributing ;-)
> Your rotation arrows were going in the wrong direction. The curved
> part of the arrow paints the path of the baby finger rotating out
> from the chin.
> Here are the signs I know for "lucky", "luck", "for-for?" and
> "smart". They all use similar movements. I am no great expert - a
> Deaf person or native signer should write these signs...

Why do you start to discuss ASL ??

> Mine are traveling forward, yours are in one place, but the rotation
> is the same direction...

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