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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jul 6, 2000  2:52 am
Subject:  Re: Lucky

SignWriting List
July 5, 2000

Thank you Charles, for this moving tribute - I do appreciate it!

And thank you for defending SignWriting all these years - I know it
hasn't been easy for you either -

The title of this thread is "lucky" - well I feel "lucky" tonight
thanks to you ;-)

I hope others will write the dictionaries you mention....

And thanks also for the written literature, Charles - I will announce
the posting when it is completed -

Val ;-)


At 6:24 PM -0400 7/2/00, Charles Butler wrote:
>To Bill and all else on the list,
>I would strongly suggest if we REALLY want to see an all-inclusive sign
>dictionary in signwriting that would allow us not only to obtain a command
>of that language but also the understanding and study of it, the same way
>spoken language
>dictionaries do it now....
>.... then we better start looking at fundraising and publicity to make it
>happen. Valerie Sutton will not be the only person creating such a
>dictionary. She has too much on her plate already.
>To create the Webster's Dictionary, for example, takes hundreds of people
>thousands of cataloguing hours going through already published works to get
>usages and variants. To do the same for ASL (only one of hundreds of sign
>languages) will be an equivalent TALL order.
>Are we willing to be a part of the creation of that process, becoming a Sign
>Language researcher and transcriber, and putting down what you see so that
>it can be in that "all inclusive dictionary"?
>Are we willing to devote thousands of hours on computer and one-on-one with
>native Deaf signers?
>Are we willing to get through the barage of mistrust over the use of signed
>languages AS language by Hearies?
>Are we willing to record variants and regionalisms linguistically in context
>for the very project you desire?
>Are we willing to do all of this for free or next to nothing funds?
>If not, are we willing to devote time to write for grants in aid, service
>projects, fundraisers and the like?
>Are we willing to be frustrated by fourteen people questioning which
>direction the rotation arrow should go?
>Are we willing to see the same sign discussed fifteen ways from
>Sunday..."but I DON'T DO IT THAT WAY?" endlessly?
>If each of us can do all of this, then our names must be collectively
>Valerie Sutton, as she's been doing it for 25 years.
>If we can do any part of this, she will be eternally grateful for our
>Charles Butler

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