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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jul 6, 2000  1:56 am
Subject:  Re: wrong direction - rotation movement

At 12:08 AM +0200 7/6/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Can you explain - some weeks later - when you show up from behind the scenes
>this issue with some examples - beginning, middle , end - of palm -
>positon --- kind of that. Iīm afraid I have to rewrite lots of signs in my
>dictionary - but that would be fine if in the end I would be able to explain
>the differences to my students ... Learning is fun - but can be such a
>burdon to the teacher if his students donīt understand the facts that are
>sooooo obvious to the teacher ( big smile !!)

SignWriting List
July 5, 2000

Stefan and Everyone -
I am not on vacation - I am actually working harder right now than
ever - approximately 14 hours a day - I am not saying that to make
anyone feel sorry for me - ha! Not at all. I love working on so many
technical projects ;-)

I am not a teacher. I am an inventor. There is a difference. A
teacher teaches a subject they learned. I am teaching how I think.
SignWriting is a part of my soul and I never learned it. I am sure I
am lousy at explaining it, but I am trying!

Yes...I know it is hard for you. Frankly it is hard for me too, to
try to teach a visual invention to people on the internet.

I should not be writing to you, but I did because I did not want
Angus to be left with the feeling that his first written signs were
not read and appreciated. That is the first time I remember Angus
contributing signs written in SignWriting...

I know you wrote to Angus behind the scenes, Stefan, and that was
great, but one of the problems we all have right now, is that people
are still asking me in the time, as the invention
solidifies, that should become less frequent - and that will happen
slowly...and I am sure you will be one of the people whom others will
turn to...

Do not change a thing in your dictionaries - just let things be for
now....none of us are beginners - we are experimenters...I do not
have the proper illustrations to help you any further - I need to
hire an artist or a photographer to really show how rotation symbols
work - they are consistent and accurate axial motion symbols - but
nonetheless people have trouble with them - that is my weakness
because my teaching materials are lacking - not your problem at all -
your students will be fine!! Let them continue exactly as you are
doing right now...they will understand the changes easily as they are
introduced and there is no such thing as mistakes in that regard. You
are taking details much too seriously - please do not do that...

And have a good July everyone - hopefully I will have some technical
developments for you in August - but I must not get too
distracted...that is where my problem lies - I talk too much - ha!!

My very best wishes to all of you -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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