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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sat Jul 8, 2000  9:08 am
Subject:  Re: rotation symbols and directions

Dear Jerry, hi Valerie and listmembers,

just a short comment. I experience so much support from your comments - I
just want to express my gratitude. What helps a lot is this friendly and
acceptive atmosphere.
Imagining all of us gathering in a classroom. All of us coming for the same
reason - to learn more about this wonderfull movement - writing - system it
is for sure that the one or other could get nervous or doesnīt understand
why some of the questions are asked again and again.

Big compliment to us - that we arenīt afraid to keep asking - because this
is a demonstration of our willingness to use SW as a tool for writing
messages ... Itīs also a demonstration of our hopes that we are confident
that SW is a tool that will allow us to explain movements in a sufficiently
exact matter - without overwhelming numbers of single elements !

Big compliment to YOU Valerie - never getting angry at anybody or tired if
again your explanation, demonstration didnīt made the big change in the
learning process of us. Sometimes I reflect my own teacher behavior - if a
student is unable - simply unable- to understand such an obvious, simple,
uncomplicated .... issue . Iīm close to exploding. Then I try to find Irina
as co-teacher or someone else.The one who had the hardest job to
understand - performs as the best instructor for the next learner. I watch
him /her . How does he/she start her explanations. What are the differences.
What does she want to agree upon first as a common bases . What are the tiny
little steps he/she asks the learner to understand...

So if we add our questions - the others and the teacher gets the chance to
start all over again. I donīt feel bothered at all to discuss special SW
sign for quite a long time !
Itīs not the same with discussing ASL -spellings. Thatīs not interesting
because that is not a question of SW in the first place.

Nevertheless I want to express my feelings of gratitude for this so
supportiv atmosphere within our group and I am convinced that it is YOU Val
erie who are performing as a wonderfull role-model in this aspect as well !

Have a wonderfull day everybody.
SW is great - but to analyze the single elements may take some time ;-)

Stefan ;-)

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From: Jerry Spillman
Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2000 5:24 AM
Subject: Re: rotation symbols and directions

> Dear Valerie, Stefan and all the list,
> Thank You, Valerie for those nice illustrations. I now think I
> understand. What threw me off some time ago was the little curve in the
> arrows. It has to do with training I have to unlearn about taking
> fingerprints and rotation of the little finger and thumb.
> Semi-photographic memory can really mess one up sometimes, as in this
> case. But we will make it, with your help. Stefan and Ingvild, thanks
> for your questions, as those answers have helped me, too!
> Jerry.

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