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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Jul 8, 2000  1:54 pm
Subject:  Re: rotation symbols and directions

At 8:39 AM -0400 7/8/00, Charles Butler wrote:
>I have to say WRONG, I can't deal with a system that moves arrows back and
>forth and has them mean different things depending on where they are placed.
>I read down the page. If an arrow is at a point on the page, I read that
>arrow, place my hand on it and follow that arrow. Now I can't depend on
>that. I want an arrow to mean one movement, and one movement ALONE.
>Are you saying that lines curving up are now pinky lines, and line curving
>down are now thumb lines. Now I am completely confused.

SignWriting List
July 8, 2000

Hello Everyone, and Charles!

Thank you for your excellent messages.

The system is the same, Charles. The only thing that is changing is a
different way of explaining the same symbols you already know and use

Of course you can depend on placing your hand in the position and
following the arrow - that still is true and always will be...

The signs you have been reading in documents for years all follow the
same principles I taught in the previous messages. There is nothing
new about the actual writing. Perhaps what is changing is simply a
deeper understanding of the general "movement writing system" behind

So just go on writing exactly as you have been...

And if you choose using the SW symbols in a different fashion than I
do, that is fine too! I have always loved your writing ;-)

You asked for some signs that use some rotation symbols. I went into
our SignWriter Computer Program's ASL dictionary, and I have created
a GIF below. I am sure that these examples will just stimulate even
more questions, and as you already have so eloquently expressed, I am
trying to accomplish too many tasks right now.

So I promise, Charles, your questions will be answered in time...but
it may be a month or so, before I can complete the illustrations ;-)

Thanks so much for your input -

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