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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Sat Jul 8, 2000  5:41 pm
Subject:  Re: Two male lions

Oh, sure, there were gay couples on the Ark. The Oglaviches, the persatonies,
kreeblics. What? You say you don't know these animals? Gee, I wonder if that
had anything to do with there being no female of the species? Come on Wayne,
don't turn a biblical story into a gay issue.

I'm sure Stefan's reference had to do with the fact that male lions have manes,
females don't and the painter made the mistake of painting both lions with
Maybe it's more like the second lion was a bearded lady? ;-)


Wayne Smith wrote:

> Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> > Right now we are working on the story of the "Arche Noah " . A colleague who
> > is teaching religion is going to paint a big poster - blue sky, gigantic
> > brown ship , lots of animals (always a couple - male and female )
> >
> > but - what is this ? There are two lions - but both male ???????!! So we
> > started a discussion about this.
> > We talked about this story. We talked about families ....
> > What about the two lions ? Hmm - I can imagine that Noah allowed the two
> > friends to enter the Noah - should be place enough for a third lion - a
> > female -- (;-))))
> Stefan -
> I certainly hope there was room on the Ark for a Gay couple and I
> hope that your discussion with the kids was done in an open, supportive
> way. Growing up as a Gay child in a heterosexist world was no fun for
> me.
> - Wayne Smith

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