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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jul 10, 2000  1:20 am
Subject:  Space divided into quarters does not mean a quarter of a rotation!

At 1:21 AM +0200 7/10/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>One thing that made me curious when I studied your last attachment very
>carefully is - that you are talking about quarters .
>In my phantasy it depends on the movement - how far do I rotate - let the
>thumb - pencil or baby-finger-pencil paint from the beginning of the
>movement till it ends -

SignWriting List
July 9, 2000

Hi everyone and Stefan -

I was not talking about a quarter of a rotation! Nothing to do with
that at all ;-)

I was talking about space....I made space "a circle". I then divided
the circle up into four quarters, and each symbol represents the
quarter of the circle where the movement is "taking place" - but it
does not mean that a quarter of a rotation necessarily completed
itself - you could do an eighth of a rotation and still be "located
in the path" of a certain quarter-area of the circle...

All of our curved arrows and rotations take a circle and divide the
circle into quarters - that is a theme of the entire writing system -
the curves and rotation symbols are describing what part of space the
movement is "relating to"....not whether the rotation or curve
completes itself within that quarter in space....

The palm facing gives exact rotation details, if they REALLY are
necessary to understand a sign...But I would like to caution you on
one will not always need a finishing position, when
native signers are reading documents! They know the finishing
position and could care less about such exacting details.... Deaf
children will understand the sign with or without the picky details...

So please notice that each circle divides space into four quarters in
these lessons online:

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Curved Arrows Front Wall Plane

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