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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sun Jul 9, 2000  11:21 pm
Subject:  Re: Lessons on the web that might help....

Hi Valerie and all avid rotation movement writer ...

(Excuse me for my little story about the lions. I didnīt want to start a new
discussion about religious or homosexual or personal growth or ..
My idea was simply to share a nice episode of class-experience. And yes itīs
all connected with the manes .. so no big deal and we can handle the
problem . I donīt want to make anybody uncomfortable - but just involve a
little bit humor. Discussing these rotation movement causes problems - so I
thought it would help to smile for a while ...

back to the issue.

No - I wasnīt confused and could identify the shift from parallel to the
wall rotation to parallel to the floor rotation.

Your gifs - Valerie - have been really a big help. Great job -
congratulations - and I hope that I can explain this issue now to my
I got it -- I think so .

I guess that there should be a command to find all signs in my dictionary
that contain rotation symbols. Is that true ? In case I canīt find it -
looking a fourth time at your wonderfull reader - would anybody be so kind
to tell me this "search - command " within the next 4 months ??

One thing that made me curious when I studied your last attachment very
carefully is - that you are talking about quarters .

In my phantasy it depends on the movement - how far do I rotate - let the
thumb - pencil or baby-finger-pencil paint from the beginning of the
movement till it ends -

voila - there should be a difference - (I would like to offer a gif)

But donīt worry ! I donīt want you to change anything. This movement symbol
is fine - just because we can learn from the endposition how for this
rotation should be performed. Perhaps there could be a convention that
without writing the endposition - the half way round rotation is meant ?

Just an idea - itīs not soooo important !

Thanks again for clarification. Itīs late now - the arche Noah is waiting
for more animals to come - tomorrow - ;-)
With the help of SW my students can identify them easily - but then they
have to learn the German words..--

Stefan ;-)

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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2000 4:26 PM
Subject: Re: Lessons on the web that might help....

> SignWriting List
> July 9, 2000
> Charles -
> Here is one GIF discussing two of the rotations you had shown in your
> diagrams -
> For those on the List who are totally confused...Charles changed and
> started talking about another set of rotation arrows that show
> movement with the arm parallel with the floor while it rotates...

quarter circle vs half circle.gif
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