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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sun Jul 30, 2000  8:37 am
Subject:  video -format Japan/Germany

Hi Wayne,

thanks for your answer.

It sounds great what you describe about your activities. To be able to
"working like mad" is a very helpfull skill in order to learn to transcribe
videos in SW - ;-)

No , Iīm sorry - I canīt read the JSL - video fine - but the poor quality
allows me to guess what kind of movement the signer performs. Especially the
important details we are going to discuss " facial expressions - cheeks,
eyebrows, mouth ...some fingermovements are hardly to be seen. But -
nevertheless - Iīm very gratefull that I could manage to see the video at
The excellent gifs Valerie offers on our home page are helpfull, though I
would love to learn to decide on my own what frame to choose ...
You are right the video-format NTSC canīt be viewed on my recorder. I went
to a shop and was so happy that they could copy the video in another format
PAL. Although there are stripes and other complications Iīm happy to be able
to look very carefully frame by frame at it on my computer. So I can decide
which of the frames would allow the best /sharpest view.
Itīs fun to learn other languages isnīt it ? Did you ever learn some German

All the best and have a great day

Stefan ;-)

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From: Wayne Smith
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2000 1:38 AM
Subject: Re: Shyuwa

> Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
> > what does "Shyuwa" mean -- ?
> Stefan -
> "Shyuwa" (I would normally write it "shuwa") is the Japanese word
> for "sign language".
> I'm glad we're continuing with this project, but it'll be a few
> days before I get a chance to look at the video. I've been asked to be
> a (French-speaking!) tour guide at Acadia National Park, so I'm working
> like mad trying to get my stories memorized. I start on Tuesday. This
> is just a summer thing. I'm still doing my language school here on the
> coast of Maine.
> Stefan, one question: I see you can read the JSL video fine. I
> thought Germany used the PAL systen and I know Japan uses the NTSC
> system. How are you able to view the video?
> Hugs,
> - Wayne

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