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From:  joe martin
Date:  Tue Aug 1, 2000  1:50 pm
Subject:  bible project 2

more of this.........

> the signer starts with looking ahead down but ends with looking forward -
>eyebrows up - is it important ? Does he indicate - I'm talking about the
>important person ?

This is a big problem. I finally decided that the guy signing this just has
sort of naturally raised eyebrows--that is, he has a look on his face that
sort of keeps the eybrows up--a kind of earnest look. But he really isn't
raising his brows on these signs. I look for a "lingusitically significant"
brow raise.
Studies show a difference. When face expressions are used as part of a
language, the changes from one expression to another are very abrupt (we're
talking milliseconds here...) instead of more gradually merging into one
another as they do when showing emotions and such. With that in mind, I
think the only real Brow raise in this section is the on when he holds up
the W-hand. that one seems significantly different. to me.
>How to write this shift from looking down in front of you to straight
>forward ???? I mean - should we write two faces - starting with the first
>part of the sign - and then another face with the eyes open ? -> or
>arrows ?
Nix on two faces ;-) Personally, I don't like writing all these faces; two
in one sign is definitely too many!! Besides, I assume always that the
signer is looking at me, with his eyes open, and he can't close them unless
they are open first. Therefore, I might write a closed-eyes symbol, meaning
s/he closed them. No more.

As far as writing the direction of eye gaze, that is another issue. I think
that a person signing must always look momentarly at a sign if it is a noun
phrase, establishing a point in space or whatever. Here, we see that done
with the first and second signs--he glances at his hands as he makes the
signs, then looks back at the signee. We always do that. BUT, I suspect
writing these glances down is overkill ; like capitalizing all the nouns in
written German. May sound like a good idea, but I don't see how you guys can
manage to write that way!!! ;-) Do German writers keep constantly hitting
that Cap Lock key when they type letters to each other???

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