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From:  joe martin
Date:  Tue Aug 1, 2000  1:26 pm
Subject:  bible project 2

you wrote:
>I beleive that the signer wants to sign "Jesus" but I guess that he touches
>the palm of the left hand 5 fingers spread palm to the left with his middle
>and ring fingers -
I saw that as just the usual handshape, that is, only the middle finger
bent. I think the ring finger is just sort of hanging there loosely. I could
be wrong, may be influenced by the fact that what you describe is not an
allowable handshape in ASL (nor JSL?? I dunno.....).....

>The next movement isn't clear enough. I guess (again) that he touches > his
>palm of the C-handshaped left hand parallel to the floot palm inside with -
>-with what ??
This part I had a hard time seeing. I played it in ultra slow motion, and it
became clear (to me, anyway (@_@) that he was just passing his hand from the
first shape to the D-handshape: In the process, it passed the left hand in
such a way that it looks like it is doing something, but it really is just
passing through.....

>Next frame:

>Joe you picked the curved singel-stem to the right - indicating that > he
>moves his right hand like in you (many persons) .
>I would rather identify a small up down curve to the right - and therefore
>i picked the douhble-stemmed arrow - do you agree ?
Yes, I do. that would be better.

>Joe you can see his cheeks filled with air ? The quality of my video >
>isn't good enough.
>You can identify his mouth with kissing lips ?
>(I'm sorry - I can't see that neither)
On my screen I can see both these items pretty clearly.

> What about the lft hand - palm facing the body -
>What was your idea to "draw" the fingers the way you did - ?
>Do you identify the left handshape as a F-hand ? I cna''t see that - > I
>voted for the W-hand -
Again, you are right. It is a W-hand; little finger bent over and helf by
thumb tip--other fingers extended. Thank you for directing my attention to
this. Sloppy writing--I'll do better :-)

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