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From:  joe martin
Date:  Tue Aug 1, 2000  2:02 pm
Subject:  bible project 2

about eye arrows........

Hmmmmm....It makes more sense to use double stemmed arrows; that means
movement in the wall plane--up/down. You can't move your eyebrows any other
way!! I wrote single stems, just being lazy, din't really think it

Regarding eye movement, the Signwriting textbook (ch. 10) shows both these
slanting down at an angle, the double stemmed says "down, to one side,"
while the single stem says "back, to one side."
I can't imagine why we need such a fine distinction. In my mind, the eyes
look up,down,sideways, in wall plane (double stemmed arrows) and that is all
they do. To distinguish between downwards and backwards (??) is getting
into a description of where/what the eyes are looking at. And that is a can
of worms that even the professional linguists don't want to open!!!

Another thing; the symbol that shows the eyes looking straight ahead is used
in Stefan's second face. It looks like an arrow pointing up. That confuses
me, and seems contrary to the pictorial nature of SW that is so cool. In
order to sign to someone, you have to make eye contact--so why do we need to
write this symbol?
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