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From:  joe martin
Date:  Thu Aug 3, 2000  11:42 am
Subject:  Re: bible project 2


>From: Stefan Woehrmann
>Subject: Re: bible project 2
>Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 01:36:45 +0200
>Joe wrote:
> > about eye arrows........
> > Hmmmmm....It makes more sense to use double stemmed arrows; that means
> > movement in the wall plane--up/down. You can't move your eyebrows > any
> > way!! I wrote single stems, just being lazy, din't really think it
> > mattered.
>Wait a minute - I didnīt read your single stems as indicators for
>eyebrows-movements - Was that your intention?
>I thought of the eye-gaze -which isnīt possible this way ..;-)
Whoops! You're right. I shouldn't have said eye"brows". My arrows just
meant the eyes are looking at the signs he makes. It's exactly like the
goldilocks video (except that I used single stemmed arrows.) Also, it is
predictable and thus not necesary to write it. That is, we know that
whenever one sets up a classifier in space, one looks at it; and therefore
we would normally assume that the eyegaze was there, and not bother to write
it down.


Thanks, Stefan, for your help on the rotations; that clears it up ;-)
Joe Martin, plain old ordinary student
Top left corner, USA
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