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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Aug 26, 2000  8:57 pm
Subject:  biliteracy links, & typing signs & fingerspelling....

On 8/24/00, Cecilia Flood wrote:
>He looked at me and signed..."Can make". He proceeded to use the key
>board card and
>generated a sign for hearing aid, the face symbol with the 'ear'
>attachment, a handshape, and two touch contact symbols. He decided he
>was finished with his sentence. I misunderstood his request to finish
>and was directing him to locate the sign for 'finish'. He signed to me,
>'No, you know, period finish'.Andy is way ahead of me. He's using
>punctuation. Anyone looking for that 'link'....that biliteracy link?

SignWriting List
August 26, 2000

Cecilia -
This is very exciting...Andy can clearly type SignWriting!! ;-)

Have you downloaded the Fingerspelling Fonts yet, and installed them?
The kids will have a blast typing fingerspelling in Microsoft Word,
or paint programs, or WordPad etc - and it may help their English,
biliteracy skills - you never know!?

Would you like help learning to use the fonts?

Anybody else want lessons on using the fonts?....I could start
lessons on the SW List...


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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