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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Mon Sep 4, 2000  8:19 pm
Subject:  Re: Pledge Alligiance in SW

Ditto! Lorraine I was wondering if you had your version in ASL (in SW) on
the pledge? I showed the kids the one that Valarie sent me, and I even have
it memorized! I think I'm getting better at this ha! Anyways, we will be
having our Deaf Awareness Week at school, and over the broadcast news I will
be showing it to the hearing children as well. This will be our second year
of Deaf Awareness week at our school, so I hope it goes well. But I think I
even convince some scepticals about SW. We had a staff meeting recently and
one of the sceptics (umm spelling oops, but the word is spelled right in my
mind!), and I was teasing this person that I would take his notes in SW, so I
wrote down some signs and well I have no idea what happened in the meeting
and my interpreter had to kick me several times (just kidding). So, now
there are 3 people (two interpreters and the SEE assistant teacher) are
willing to learn with me!

Oops, now back to the kids! I have one little girl that is learning braille
and I asked why the blind have their books in braille and the Deaf do not?
She thought wow...that's right! I really wish we had more books in SW. I'm
in the process of doing the kids books for 3rd grade. I wish I could just
order them, but hey how long did it take for blind individuals to get their

Well, that's my two bits! So, if you can show me the pledge that you show
your kids if you can. We are even coming up with our own! Hey, also I have
a SW game for my kids that has worked out really great! I made up flashcards
to play concentration. One card with the sign on it and the other with the
word or phrase, and the kids really love it! Some of the words are very
difficult, but they have such good memories! Ok, so I ramble too much:)
See you hopefully later on this month!


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