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From:  joe martin
Date:  Tue Sep 5, 2000  5:59 am
Subject:  Re: Pledge Alligiance in SW

I'm rading messages in the order they come in in, which is from the bottom
of my screen up. (Is there a way to reverse that? When I hit ""previous "
it gives me the next message, that is the oone that came after, not
previously to the one I am reading. It is confusing as hell)
anyway, this was a message from the SW list; (part of it)

>From: Lorraine Crespin
>Wow, lots of conversation about the pledge of alligiance.
>When I yaught younger children in past years i did not bother to teach them
>the pledge of allegiance. Why? Because it is such an abstract concept for
>young ones and really requires the teaching of what it means. ...
>The teacher before me had taught the pledge in English Sign. I myself
>do not sign the pledge in English but rather in ASL. ...and I agree with
>Nancy, that the majority of students do
>not understand it. There are many underlying concepts and signs used that
>students do not have an understanding of. Also some of them did not even
>what the United States of America was ...

###that is so sad.
and then here is Miah, who can hear, and he doesn't know who MAo is,,,,,

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