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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 13, 2000  1:40 am
Subject:  SW Videos in ASL Access Video Package

SignWriting List
September 12, 2000

Dear SW List Members:
For those who teach using American Sign Language (ASL), you may be
interested in the news below....

The nonprofit organization "ASL Access", raises funds to package ASL
videos, and then they donate those videos to libraries. Our
SignWriting videos are included in their library packages.

Now they are also providing the same packages to libraries for
purchase one way or the other, ASL Access is trying to
spread ASL videos to public libraries around the country.

We feel honored that SignWriting is included!

And never know....if you contact Christine Wixtrom,
the founder of ASL Access, (her address is below), perhaps a donation
can be arranged to your school library or to your local public


Fri, 8 Sep 2000
For Immediate Release:

Library Video Company Announces
Distribution Agreement with ASL Access

Wynnewood, PA (September 8, 2000) - Library Video Company and ASL
Access have teamed up to provide video collections specializing in
American Sign Language (ASL) to libraries throughout the United
States and Canada.

ASL Access is a non-profit organization founded by Christine Wixtrom.
The goal of the organization is to provide public libraries with
collections of entertaining and instructional videos featuring
American Sign Language. To date, four of these collections have been
placed in public libraries through grants and funding from various

"Many librarians have not yet realized that there is a great public
need for ASL videos. Librarians and the general public have been
unaware of the incredibly broad selection of ASL videos available,"
Ms. Wixtrom states. Currently, the entire ASL Access Video Collection
includes over 200 ASL videos from more than 45 different producers.

Now, for the first time, the ASL Access Video Collection will be
available for purchase through Library Video Company, the leading
distributor of educational media to schools and public libraries.
Library Video Company currently offers over 12,000 educational videos
and CD-ROMs, including nearly 3,200 closed-captioned videos.

"We are happy to be working with Library Video Company in this effort
to offer these high-quality videos to libraries," says Ms. Wixtrom.

"Through this new relationship, we have been able to place
collections at the St. Johns County Public Library in St. Augustine,
Florida, and the Morris County Library in Whippany, New Jersey." The
ASL Access Video Collection will be available for set purchase
through Library Video Company and Library Video Company's web site

Libraries interested in bringing these popular visual language
resources to their communities should contact ASL Access.
Individuals can receive more information on collection titles by
going to Purchases can also be made directly through
Library Video Company.

In 1999 the first two ASL Access Video Collections were placed. The
first was donated to the District of Columbia Public Library in
Washington, D.C., dedicated to Alice L. Hagemeyer, who was named to
the National Library Advocacy Honor Roll in 2000. The second was
presented to the Fairfax County Public Library in Fairfax, Virginia
as a dedication to Laurent Clerc, the first deaf teacher of the deaf
in the United States.

ASL Access encourages communities to raise funds for placing the ASL
Access Video Collection in local library systems. Major sponsors of
these collections will be recognized on the ASL Access web site, as
well as through local and national publicity. Each video collection
is dedicated to a deaf individual who has shown support for ASL and
libraries. ASL Access provides free guidebooks describing the
videos, which include ASL lessons, original ASL poetry and stories,
biographies, history, sign language interpretation, health issues,
parenting issues and many translations of classic children's

Library Video Company has been making educational media work for
schools and libraries since 1985, offering high-quality products,
processing and cataloging services, same-day shipping and friendly
customer service.


Contact: Carolyn Molitor Christine Wixtrom
Library Video Company ASL Access
Director of Marketing Founder & President
800-843-3620/610-645-4000 703-799-8733


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