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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Tue Sep 19, 2000  8:27 pm
Subject:  Re: Acrobat converts .ps files into .pdf files

At 11:20 09/19/2000 -0700, you wrote:

>Thanks for this information, Stuart. So you are saying that Adobe
>Acrobat 4.0 may possibly not have a way to make a postscript file
>from a DOS file, without other programs? I am surprised...but you may
>be right. I will look into this ;-)

As Angus mentioned, the key problem is that SignWriter cannot direct its
Postscript output to a file at this time without an additional utility such

>Your idea about asking a programmer to help me tweak SignWriter is a
>nice one, except I have no programmer. Work on SignWriter 5.0 has
>stopped, because I have no money at this time.

You could do a "quick and dirty" way of doing what I am talking
about. Using Windows Notepad, MSDOS Edit, or any other text editor, type
the following to a file called SWSTART.BAT. In the place of {ALT}255, hold
the ALT key while pressing the number 255 on the key pad.

ECHO Starting SignWriter ...

You call this program at the DOS prompt by saying: SWSTART {filename} where
you replace {filename} with whatever file you want to use for your
postscript filename. This would always send all printed output designated
for LPT2 to whatever filename you designated. You will need to rename this
file to something else in between print jobs or tell PRN2FILE to print to a
different filename with each job.

If anyone has Pascal experience, I believe it would just be a matter of
telling SW to give an interface option of going to file and then ask for a
filename. Then the pascal code would call PRN2FILE to set up the
redirection of LPT2 or whatever port to that filename. Then the rest of
the existing code would run to actually create the postscript output. I
have so little Pascal experience that I am not sure I could do it. If it
were in BASIC or possibly C, I might have a chance to make that kind of
small change.

>Good luck with your SignWriting workshops, Stuart - I sent you a box
>of SignWriting literature to distribute to the participants - did you
>receive it?

I did receive the workshop materials! Thanks!! The Deafestival committee
was quite impressed that you would send the materials that they listed Deaf
Action Committee for SignWriting in the program book. So, that is
great. Hope it all comes together well.

Take care,


Stuart Thiessen
4616 Hickman
Des Moines, IA 50310
(515) 280-0005 Pager ()

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