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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Wed Sep 20, 2000  2:31 am
Subject:  Re: Japanese Bibel Project - second turn

Hi Joe and Stefan!

Thanks for starting up the discussion again. I had some major e-mail
problems this summer that kept me away from the list, but I'm glad to be
back again. I'm re-sending my 5/22 .gif, which includes the portion under
discussion. I read through the discussion and hope to add my two bits soon.

Knowing what the signer intended makes it hard to transcribe exactly what
happened. For example, I knew that he intended to hit the palm with the
middle finger on the second half of "Jesus", so didn't take pains to look
closely to see if he actually did or not, or which fingers actually
touched. In fact, I majorly cheated on this one--I took "Jesus" straight
out of the ASL dictionary, since it is a loan word from ASL in JSL signing.

So anyway, here's some more SW for you to criticize. What Joe said goes for
me too . . .
> Yes, I agree about the discussing, and no, I don't feel hurt, insulted,
> threatened or any other thing by constructive criticism. On the contrary, I
> welcome it in the interest of improving my stuff.

Sorry for my long absence--and I hope to make up for it by contributing to
the discussion!


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