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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 20, 2000  6:29 pm
Subject:  QUESTION: How to write the lower body?

On 9/20/00, Eline Vanhecke wrote:
>Still, whilst transcribing our material, we came across the following
>problem: we are now dealing with the signs concerning parts of
>the body, but we don't know how to put the signs for e.g. 'KNEE'
>(indexfinger of the right hand touches the knee) and 'LEG' into
>SignWriting. In short we have a problems with signs concerning
>parts of the body that are performed in the area below the
>navel/belly button. I was wondering wether you might have any
>suggestions or a solution for this problem? We really would be
>very grateful! Eline and Kristof


SignWriting List
September 20, 2000

Hello SW List members, and Eline and Kristof!

It is great to hear from you again, Eline. I am happy to know that
your work is progressing on a dictionary of Flemish Sign
Language....that is your project, is that correct?

There are always new List members, so feel free to share your project
with us ;-)

And I am always happy to answer technical questions on the SW List.

Below is an attached file with the answer to your question. It is in
..GIF format.

All computers are different, and attached files do not always come in
well, inside email messages. If you have problems reading the file,
you will be able to read it well in the SW List Archives:
Type: image/gif
Size: 12k

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