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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Mon Sep 25, 2000  10:51 pm
Subject:  SW4.3 and Postscript Files


The following message is really for those who have some level of computer
programming experience. If you have done any Pascal or Assembly
programming in DOS, I would appreciate you looking at this message.


I have looked at the source code for SW 4.3 and have discovered a possible
tweak to the printing routine that would allow printing directly to a
file. I figured out how to create an output file with the same name but
different extension. If I have understood the code correctly, my changes
should work.

I was also able to download a copy of Turbo Pascal 5.5 in hopes that it
would be able to compile this old pascal code. I learned from the source
code information that the program was compiled in Microsoft
Pascal. Hopefully the code will still compile (although that may be too

My first question is:

Does anyone have MASM or TASM to compile some assembly code into an OBJ
file? The Turbo Pascal 5.5 that I downloaded (for free from Borland) does
not include an assembler or a linker (which might be another problem.)

I did try A86 assembler, and NASM, but both choked on the assembly
code. Not being an assembly programmer, I am not sure how to correct the
assembly code and still keep the assembly code accurate.

Also, if anyone else has a Pascal compiler for DOS and would like to assist
me in compiling and testing my code changes, I would appreciate that.


Stuart Thiessen

Stuart Thiessen
4616 Hickman
Des Moines, IA 50310
(515) 280-0005 Pager ()

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