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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sun Oct 1, 2000  11:54 am
Subject:  Re: SW helps to express students thoughts

Hi Nancy, Cecilia. Valerie and List-members

there is soooo much going on here - Im eaten up by all the jobs I would
like to accomplish at the same moment ! Ha - Valerie - you know what Im
talking about ??? (ha ha ha)

Well -first of all Im very happy that a second facility in Germany is going
to start to use SW on a regularly basis. Its a facility for multiple
handicapped deaf adults - A new Deaf sign-language teacher is going to order
the SW -program and is very impressed by the materials I could share with
her. Our first step will be to write down all the different signnames for
staff and the handicapped co-workers. Wouldnt it be great if some of them
would realize that they are able to read ??? Even if it will be only a few
signs -- but Im absolutely confident that these people will take advantage
out of this.

The deaf SignLanguage -teacher is going to use GebaerdenSchrift as well in
the classes for DGS for the hearing staff-members ! Im curious --

My students at school are doing great. Reading SW is a big help to
understand new German words. A new colleague of mine who started teaching my
students first and second grade this September (!!) surprised me very much.
When I came back to my classroom she has just finished a lesson about
behaviour at the traffic -lights! Believe it or not - she as a beginner of
SL and who asked for the SW -signs of several words the day before did a
bilingual blackboard picture -
She simply took the risk to write the signs from my printouts by hand at the
blackboard underneath the German words and phrases ! ( The man in the
traffic- light is red - you have to stand and wait. The man is green, you
may walk !! )
I bet all of you can imagine the big smile on my face !!!! This way all of
my little students got the chance to understand completely what was
written - the first grade students reading the GebaerdenSchrift - the second
grade students reading both writings !!!

Some other colleagues get interested as well. I already spent several ours
on explaining basic principles about SW itself or the SW 4.3 program in one
to one sessions. I gues time has come to offer a first "workshop" to a
greater audience -

This week students from the University of Hamburg were visiting my class for
a week. They seemed pretty much impressed . They were so much fascinated
that these little kids - first grade take without any effort so much
information out of these written materials. You know - my first grade
students cant read one single word in German but can understand questions
about "How many eggs " - "Where is Irina ..?" "Where is the blue car "
- and what is most important to me - they learn this way that we can
identify objects - we can name them by signing in a special way - we can
write down what we did --- THEY LEARN TO COMUNICATE

In contrary to my method a year ago I offer writing GebaerdenSchrift by hand
from the very beginning.
The students learn to identify shapes, and places where to "draw " what
kind of line --- This should support there possibilities for learning to
write the first printing letters as well since they get practice to identify
a place where to start and where to end !

The students at 8th grade experience great trouble to write correct
sentences with present, past - future
-- in German. Im preparing day by day new materials to help them to improve
their skills. German is confusing - compared to the structures of DGS . We
try to understand both. We try to read both. I feel too much under
pressure - so the writing of GebaerdenSchrift is my part - I am pretty
satisfied if they identify the one or other misspelling or if they ask me to
use another sign for the same term. There is still a long way to go. (big
sigh !) One thing that puts great pressur on me is that my students dont
feel the burdon to learn soooo many new German words. Well they know to
express themselves pretty good in SignLanguage . And in the meantime they
are able to read my German texts meaningfull . But if it comes down to
translate signed comments or little stories - they have really a hard time
to do so. With the help of SW we realize that there are so many signed
comments - they would not be able to find the German expressions for. My
materials help them to understand (at least a little bit) that it would be
very helpfull to learn vocabularies just like the hearing do - if they are
eager (or asked) to learn a foreign language. Now that we can use
GebaerdenSchrift it is possible to write bilingual materials - thank you
Valerie !! Now its much more a question of motivation then anything else
... (same with the teacher ? ;-) )

Stefan :-)

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From: Nancy Cole
Sent: Saturday, September 30, 2000 10:20 PM
Subject: Re: SW helps to express students thoughts

> Oh, that is a wonderful idea with the characters! Richard and I think
> we write down a lesson on the board then the kids could come up with the
> signs on their own. We almost do this, but we thought maybe we would
> it. I think the kids would do alot more if we had the computer program.
> right now we have a new boss, and so I'm back to square one. This is
> so fustrating! Anyways, I kind of wish we had the program in windows
> instead of dos. If there is a program in windows I hope I find out
> I still have alot to learn working with Dos. I learn when I play, and I
> don't play much with Dos:) SOOOOOOO you had Deaf Awareness at your
> That's great! We had it at our school too, and we are still making our
> line. We are trying to put up alot of SW pictures, but I only own half
> room ha! You know about the other half:) I'm trying to get my kids to go
> your school. Will try to arrange it for at the end of October. We would
> visit your class, and hope the kids and my kids share their SW stuff and
> we would go onward to Santa Fe and stay at NMSD. Hope it's okay and can
> arranged. Still working on getting up there for just myself, and not an
> task!
> Smile
> Nancy

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