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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Oct 6, 1998  6:38 am
Subject:  New Special Feature Posted!

October 6th, 1998

Hello Everyone!
Last night I posted a new "Special Feature" on our SignWriting Web Site at:

It is entitled "An Interview with Deaf Prince Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid, of Saudi

Abdul Aziz, who attended Gallaudet University, is interviewed in ASL by
Denny Voreck. They are friends from their Gallaudet days. Denny is now on
the staff of the California School for the Deaf at Riverside.

Interpreter Pasch McCombs did an excellent job capturing the formal flavor
of the ASL discussion. The web article is a transcription of the English
voice on the video interview.

This Special Feature is an excerpt from our new history video, Deaf
Perspectives on SignWriting, which is now available....

Hope you enjoy the new Special Feature!!

Valerie :-)


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Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
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