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From:  Cristina
Date:  Sat Oct 14, 2000  12:11 am
Subject:  MCT/PUCRS SignNet Project

Hello everyone !
Here is the SignNet group from MCT/PUCRS (Science and Technology Museum).
We have been waiting so long to have our own e-mail, then we're using a private one from a member of the group.
Thanks to Charles who have mentioned the sofware Marcia de Borba Campos is developing, although SignNet Project has several groups, Marcia works beside us and at the same University.
Next 27 October will begin a basic SW course at the museum, with many efforts we finally have opened it. In a week all the 20 places were taken by deaf and sign language interpreters. All the classes will be in LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language). These first 20 will spread SW in our state and soon deaf pupils will visit the museum knowing their own written language and will be able to read all the captions in it.
We will keep you updated about our progress here.
Till soon...
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