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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sun Oct 15, 2000  12:23 pm
Subject:  Re: QUESTION: Curves Forward & Down

Dear Valerie and Listmembers,

thank you for your comments concerning my spelling-problems.

> Bill - I think your answer is excellent, and I am so glad you answered!!
> And your instinct is exactly my answer...what you said above is
> saying that "choosing the curve that curves towards the center of the
> body" a natural choice, since signing is from your central
> thinking and handshapes do fit the "in to the center" curve better
> than the "out" position - You can see there is a visual agreement
> based on what feels right....I believe Stefan would call that "good
> gestalt"? If not, please tell us Stefan! ;-)

Ha - yes .

When I try to write a new sign there are soooo many options to "create the
whole pictogram"
But in the meantime there is something like a personal style - and I get the
feeling that some spellings of the same movemement-descriptions seem to be
easier to read -
this is what I call the "Gute Gestalt" of a SW -sign.
> For those just joining us, here was the question again, which was
> from Stefan in Germany...I would choose "B" too...

Me too - after I had the chance to discuss it - thanks again ;-)
and all the best
Stefan ;-)

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