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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sun Oct 15, 2000  2:42 pm
Subject:  cued speech

Dear Valerie and Listmembers,
I just would like to share our new stage of development in using SW during the first phase of learning to speak and write.
Just as hearing children are provided with lots of initial sound schedules in order to get familiar with the phonetic aspects of the German letters - I created a table of cued speech faces that should allow the little student to get an idea what kind of sound he is asked to perform while he or she is reading a German word.
In order to support the learning process how to write the block letters  I wrote addidtional movement-descriptions in SW. The combination with the cued speech faces should remind the student that he is asked to articulate while he is writing.
The whole system works great and my students first grade can read many SW-symbols after the first 6 weeks !
All the best
Stefan ;-)

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