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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Sun Oct 15, 2000  10:50 pm
Subject:  Re: SW and very young children

Hi Denny,
of course.
I would be very happy if many many adults would get interested in SW in order to strenghten the communicative skills of young children.
SW is simply great ! And watching little Gordian it has itīs own thrill to learn to understand the use of symbols at that age. I wouldnīt believe - if I couldnīt see it. Itīs soooooo much fun for all of us !!
All the best
Stfan ;-)
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From: denny99
Sent: Sunday, October 15, 2000 5:33 PM
Subject: Re: SW and very young children

Stefan may I have permission to quote the enclosure on my web site.
Thanking you in advance..
Denny Lancaster

Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

Dear Valerie and listmembers, especially the teachers and counselors and parents who are interested in working with very young children (hearing or deaf) may be interested in this little story. My little son Gordian is 2 years and three months old. He is often with me and has already realized that these arm-movements and the facial expressions are something special if Iīm in contact with Deaf people. Whenever he watches a signer on TV he starts to perform facial expressions and moves his little hands and arms - OK. Some day a week ago he watched his brothers reading SW-falshcards. Just out of fun  we showed to little Gordian the SW-flashcard for cat and told him -  "die Katze"(the cat)  and performed the sign for cat. Gordian isnīt able to articulate all the German words properly - so he never would say "die Katze" . He addresses the cat as "miau" . The lion is "uaah", the sheep is " baeh"  etc. He can understand the word if he hears it - but he has another name if he wants to comunicate about it. This little boy is able read 20 SW signs !! He is on the way to perform the signs in a amusing cute way.It seems so much fun to him !! Again and again he comes upstairs and asks for the "miau" Itīs a good possibility to meet his father as well - I understand -- ha ha haSo who knows - perhaps he would write this story somehow different -  SW ist great - Papa has time to play with me !!! All the best Stefan ;-)       He is only interested in SW-signs that carry important information. crocodile, lion, name-signs of his brothers, Mama, 

Denny Lancaster

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