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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Thu Nov 2, 2000  1:54 am
Subject:  Re: Sutton fonts


What Lourdes was referring to were two popular chat programs: AOL's Instant
Messagenger (AIM or IM) and AOL's ICQ. ICQ is an acronym for the english
language pronunciation of "I seek you," changing it a bit to be more like "I
see kyou."

These programs allow users to chat with those on their chat list. They can
see when someone on their chat list is online and they can then ask them if
they want to chat. They are free and can be downloaded from the net. You
chat mainly by typing but there are ways you can voice with them, too. They
also allow for files and pictures to be sent, which is nice when
collaborating with someone on a project.

Bill Reese

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> >However, just like in ICQ, if the other person doesn't have Sutton font,
> >they will not see it.
> >Bill Reese
> -------------
> SignWriting List
> November 1, 2000
> OK. Thanks for all your points! Before I answer them, perhaps you
> could explain to the List...
> What is ICQ? ;-)
> Remember, there are 24 countries on the SW List, and not everyone
> knows American computer terminology!!
> Many thanks ;-)
> --
> Val ;-)
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> Valerie Sutton
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