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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 5, 2000  2:30 pm
Subject:  Re: Signwriting Bible Translation


November 5, 2000
SignWriting List

Nancy Cole wrote:
>>>I have a student whose parents want me to teach their child the
>>>signwriting bible. I've finally figured out how to print it out
>>>and copy the files that are in the signwriting bible site, and I
>>>even added pictures of my own to make it more visual for my
>>>student. I was wondering if there will be more available soon?
>>> She really learns fast, and her parents are thrilled. Nancy Cole

Jerry Spillman wrote:
>>>My apologies to one and all of you who have tried to e-mail the
>>>Sign Bible Site and had less than success. We endeavor to publish
>>>accurate data and addresses, but sometimes the equipment in Boston
>>>or in Florida fails to get our forwarding done. Jerry Spillman,

Now Valerie responds....
I am so happy to know, Nancy, that you are using the web to find
SignWriting literature! The fact that you and your students want more
and more literature is great news ;-)

And the SignBible Site is excellent and we all are lucky that pastor
Ron Dettloff and members of the Deaf Church in Michigan chose to work
on translations of the Bible. If they had not done that large task,
there would be nothing for us to read....

And then Jerry, the webmaster of the SignBible Site, donated his web
design expertise to post the literature for the Deaf Church. If Jerry
had not offered his help, there would be nothing for us to read

So we are lucky. Meanwhile, I know my email box is flooded and it
takes me a long time to respond to the hundreds of messages I
receive. And I am sure that Jerry and Ron are also very busy people -
so please do not apologize, Jerry - my goodness - you have given us a

I am excited to know that Nancy is printing the SignBible postings.
Were you able to download the SignWriter shareware and install it,
Nancy? Are you printing the files from the SignWriter computer

Just curious ;-))

Did you know that Jerry started a second web site for Sign Poetry?
Maybe some of your students, Nancy, would want to ask Jerry to post
some of their SignWriting? I hope you start writing some literature

Just a thought for Sunday morning...

Many blessings -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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