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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sun Nov 5, 2000  3:03 pm
Subject:  Re: Signwriting Bible Translation

Oh, the signwriting bible site is a blessing!  Also, I know they must have
done a great deal of work, and I will always be thankful that is for sure!  
Richard and I will be doing our literature starting this week.  Richard is
the artist and has made books for kids, but without the words.  Since I have
finally figured out the program ha I am sooooo slow...Richard will sign his
story and we will write it in SW and in English.  It might take us a month to
do the first story, but we should have 2 done by Christmas!  I'll attempt to
put it on the web, but I'm not very good at that stuff, so after we finish
I'll try and get your help.

I had a hard time trying to open the program the first time, and Val I
remember you had instructions for those who had difficulties.  Well, I lost
the instructions (I'm soooo organized!).  Anyways, I went to the signwriting
bible site and downloaded from there, and no problem.  However, I had
difficulties printing, but after "playing" a bit with it it printed
everything that I needed.  I really appreciate the literature that is
provided, and I hope to repay the hard work by sharing some of our own work.  
I'm also suppose to go to NMSU and present Signwriting to the teacher's
program there.  I hope everything works out, and thank you all for everything!


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