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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 14, 2000  6:12 pm
Subject:  Re: Stefan: Please re-post your rules ;-))

SignWriting List
November 14, 2000

You know, I am so sorry everyone, but the rules that you just showed
us are not acceptable for me - I could never write the signs with
those angles....the thumbs cannot rule in all cases...

So I promise...I will find what you showed us before in old
messages...yes....Stefan...I thought you showed us something quite
different before...and we will finalize this once and for all!

Sometimes rules can actually work against us, because visual symbols
work differently depending on the person - as you just said, the ASL
sign for Father (see below), felt better with the thumb line, even
though it is not perfect with the way it looks in real life - and
that is my point - letting the writing system flow in a relaxed
fashion may actually be better for truly capturing signs visually in
the long run.

My memory is that when I showed some Deaf friends the signs written
with lines or with dots, most people chose the lines....the dots are
very abstract and are not as "immediately readable" in some cases.

And in regards to the rules as to where the fingers go - to one side
or the other - I have another theory - I believe the "center of the
body" is what is important....

So I am going to try to write a couple pages of my explanation on
this subject, and place it on the web, and then I will ask for your
feedback, and then when the subject comes up again we can point
people to the pages on the web and say - ha! See all the
discussion...what do you think? :-)))

It will be solved through time and through use...

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