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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Nov 16, 2000  9:53 pm
Subject:  Re: SignNet, Everyone, please look at this ;-))

> On 4, I wouldn't use it at all for the right hand, from the sequence I'd
> from 3 to 5. The back of the hand should always be the opposite rotation
> from the front of the hand, not the same one.
> Charles

Hello Charles, Valerie and listmembers, ..
I think different. In fact I have been in the need to write the back of the
hand at a diagonal position and felt happy to understand that here is the
solution to this problem. In the past I used only three of the five
positions - but now I can imagine to use # 4 as well -

In fact I would love to see spellings of the positions if the hands are
parallel to the floor but at an angle - like in boat or ship - up to now I
feel uncomfortable fith the flat hands without any angle ?? Know what I mean

I guess I saw a spelling in the Odysseus from Nicaragua - but Im not sure -
there they added two diagonal lines to indicate that the flat hands parallel
to the ground back of the hands outside are at an angel --

Would love to learn more about this !!

Stefan ;-)

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