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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Wed Dec 6, 2000  6:10 pm
Subject:  Re: facial expressions and lip-reading


Would a long bar above the symbols work for indicating long vocals? That's how
long vowels are notated in English language pronounciation.


Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

> Angus wrote :
> " I'm taking a class in spoken-language phonetics right now, and
> it's interesting to learn all the different methods that people have come
> up with for speech synthesis."
> Hi Angus and listmembers,
> " keyword : different methods ...speech ...
> as you might know - German is a difficult language to learn for the deaf
> children -
> In the first phase of first class we concentrate very much on getting
> familiar with the letters of the alphabet and their pronounciation within a
> given context.
> The first time when I showed my new system of SW articulation-signs to the
> list, Valerie was very amused because it is so difficult to compare our
> German sound for the letter A and the English or American version - I guess
> it depends on my German accent - as well
> Nevertheless - I succeeded to develop a whole set of sound-signs for the
> German Language which is a tremendous help for my students to improve their
> articulation - or to get started from the beginning ;-)
> The good experiences with this system are wonderfull.
> Looking and concentrating on these SW- faces - my students improved a lot to
> get informations from looking at my mouth when Iīm speaking to them : short
> words, their names, special phonems ...
> They learn to concentrate on lipreading much better !!!
> I would like to ask you or other interested SW -listmembers if they can
> imagine of any improvements ?
> Especially the following problem needs a solution: I havenīt decided yet how
> to indicate the long-vocal sounds compared to the vocals of normal lenght.
> Only about 30 percent of the articulation can be identified clearly from the
> lips of the speaker. Within my system I added the "aspiration" - lines for
> voiceless sounds. Sometimes I added handshapes in order to inform about the
> sound ( d vs. t etc)
> The foto shows Irina - explaining the SW-faces to the students .
> All the best Stefan ;-)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Name: SW cued speech Irina M.jpg
> SW cued speech Irina M.jpg Type: JPEG Image (image/jpeg)
> Encoding: base64

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