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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Wed Dec 20, 2000  4:04 am
Subject:  Re: facial expressions and lip-reading

At 15:09 00/12/14 -0500, you wrote:
> I attached my SW.file anlaut.sw This file shows in the first part of
> each row the symbol for the sound- next to the right you will find typical
> german words that start with this sound
> In Germany we use such a "Anlaut-Tabelle" to inform the hearing !!!!
> children about the pronounciation of the letters -
> I $B%( (Jm interested in your feed-back

Thanks so much. I printed it out and it looks very nice. I just wish I knew
German Sign Language!

I noticed that there are 22 rows. Does this correspond to the German
alphabet? In English, we have 26. Which of the following should I remove
to have an accurate alphabetical rendering of your SW Sound Set?

Even without knowing what letters corresponde with each face, I have
already gleaned a helpful hint--the overlapping faces are a good idea, and
may be what I need for pa, pi, pu, and po. I just recently learned that u,
and au are used as well in differentiating some verb tenses.

Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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