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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 14, 1998  6:20 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing SW Literature

October 14, 1998
Regarding the word "transliteration"...

From time to time people ask me unusual questions, and I was asked recently
about the word "transliteration" and since I didn't know what that was, I
asked the List what the word meant. So that is how the subject came up.

Today, another person sent me a private message (see below) with a
definition of the word "transliteration" (I understand the first paragraph
is based on the definition from the Meriam-Webster Dictionary):

>"To write or spell (words, etc.) in the alphabetical
>characters of another language that represent the same
>sound or sounds."
>So ASL gloss might be a form of transliteration, but
>signwriting is not...because signwriting is like the
>Roman alphabet, language neutral, for those languages
>that do not have another alphabet.
>I wonder if signed English (not SEE, but ASL in English
>order) is a sort of transliteration? (-:
>I do think that sign language interpreters are considered
>to be transliterators, but now I'm not sure why. I think
>modality is very important.

So...after I read the above, and based on the definition above,
transcribing an ASL videotape directly into SignWriting is most definitely
not a transliteration. It is writing ASL in ASL.

Valerie :-)

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