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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jan 26, 2001  3:36 pm
Subject:  Re: New Front Page of the SignWritingSite...

Angus Grieve-Smith wrote:
>- Even though the "Enter the SignWriting Site" graphic is very large, the
>layout still makes it seem on the same level as the links to the other
>sites in the SignWriting Webring. I found myself visiting the other sites
>rather than yours. Which is not a bad thing, but maybe not what you

SignWriting List
January 26, 2001

My Dear Friends -
Thank you for your wonderful feedback on my "experimental" opening
page to our web site...all of your responses have been VERY helpful...

And your input, Angus, was so eloquently stated! are right that people do not see the Enter sign....and I
noticed Bill Reese just mentioned in a new message that he had not
seen the Enter sign either - kind of funny, isn't it?!

Of course I am thrilled that the other sites get some attention too -
they well deserve it! And I hope to do more on their behalf in the
future ;-)

But getting back to my site, there is a solution...I just need to go
back to the way it was before, but improve the masthead...(the
masthead is the design at the very top of a newspaper, or a site). If
the opening masthead is clear for newcomers, but the links on the
side frame are still there for everyone who uses SignWriting, then
both worlds can be met....

SignWriting is a hard subject, and yet my site receives from 1000 to
20,000 hits a day, depending on whether I announce new Special
Features or not....hits are not visitors, as you know. Out of 1000
hits, around 300 visitors have arrived to the site...but still, that
is enough! I cannot keep up with it all anyway! ;-)

So in around a week, you will find a new Special Feature, and a new
opening page once again!

Many thanks everyone....

Val ;-)

(PS. I will make one last experiment, by taking off all the other
sites at the bottom leaving just the Enter link, and that is all....
Then I can use my tracking software to see if people can figure out
to use the Enter link or not - ha!)

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