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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jan 26, 2001  2:55 am
Subject:  Re: Need Help With Testing Shareware

Jerry Spillman wrote:
>I opted to download It unzipped without a problem and did
>open and seemed to work properly. ...... There was, however, to my pleasant
>surprise, output also, a file to the sw directory with the same name as
>the file I printed with the exception that it had a .ps extension, which
>I believe was your goal? I double-clicked the ps file and it opened
>Adobe Distiller and created a very nice .pdf. How did we do? >Jerry.

SignWriting List
January 25, 2001

Very well, Jerry, thanks!

Of course you have aleady figured out one of the new features of
SignWriter 4.4.....The program can now "print to disk", or "print to
a postscript file", creating a .ps file. From there, Acrobat or other
programs can create a .pdf file.

SignWriter 4.4 has another feature that is pretty great can
now export files as .BMP files, instead of the old .PCX format. The
new .BMP SignWriter files are better quality than the old .PCX.

But actually, my request for testing the shareware was another
problem altogether. Unfortunately, the compression software I used to
compress the old SW4.3 shareware, was corrupting the shareware, so
after de-compressing the shareware, the program could not open. So
then I learned what the problem was, and I re-compressed it with a
new program, and now you and others can open the shareware...thank

I know Henk and Tini Pel in Canada have also been able to open
SignWriter now, so I feel better about it.

I learned NEVER to compress a Windows file from a Mac, or vica
versa....I believe that caused the problem with damaged files.

Thanks for being so sweet to help with the testing...By the way,
Jerry, I believe you have our shareware available for download from
your SignBible and SignPoetry web sites? Can you replace the old with
the new? smile...

Many thanks -

Val ;-)

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