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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Mon Feb 12, 2001  2:48 am
Subject:  More Frosty

Hi Everyone,
I tried to follow your instructions Stefan. I exported the file and then it
got into a paint program. This program did not allow me to save it as a gif.
Somehow via adobe I got it transfered to a jpeg.
It is still rather large, so I need some more lessons. This is then the
first page of "Frosty" with sign writing symbols above the written text. It
is used by Tini to introduce hearing children simultanously to Sign Language
as well as Sign Writing.
If this is oke in its present form I can do the other 3 pages the same way
to make the story complete.
So much to learn, but it's fun!

Type: application/octet-stream
Size: 80k

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