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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Feb 12, 2001  4:25 pm
Subject:  Re: Thank you Stefan & Henk & Tini!

On 2/11/01, Henk Pel wrote:
>Thank you Stefan. As you probably noticed I just sent an attachment
>before I got your message. Tomorrow I will follow your instructions
>and see if I can reduce the other files. Henk

SignWriting List
February 12, 2001

Yes! Thank you Stefan! And thanks for testing the EXPORT command in
SW 4.4....your instructions clearly worked, since Henk just posted a
wonderful jpeg...congrats Henk and Tini! It looks great ;-)

Go ahead and keep posting - very readable and it is a great size too..

I can see the graphic quality has improved with the new EXPORT
command in SW 4.4- thank goodness!

I am working on the international version of SW 4.4 this week, and
hope to have it ready for download by the end of this in
time, anyone who uses SW 4.3 outside of the US and Canada, will be
updated for free too...

So keep posting! And I hope you will write other stories too....

And not just in ASL - all signed languages are most welcome!! ;-)

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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