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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Feb 18, 2001  8:47 pm
Subject:  Re: now what?

February 18, 2001
SignWriting List

Hello Henk, Tini, Stefan and Everyone on the SignWriting List!

I think you happened to be online, Henk, just at the moment I was
updating the shareware on the web.. ;-)

Yes. I am working long hours to update all the shareware. I believe
by tomorrow morning, Monday, February 18, California time, I should
have it finished for the next couple of months.

And you are correct, I had to change the url address for the
downloading part...there is a technical reason...

Once everything is finished, it will remain stable on the
more change of urls - I promise!

And once it is up on the web, you will see that you will have
several choices of shareware in the future. We will have versions for
the USA & English-Canada, Germany, and German-Switzerland available
for download.

So, in around 12 hours we will have a better version to download.
Maybe you can wait til then? I will announce it when it is up on the

Meanwhile, I suspect you can still use the version you have right now.

Regarding your dictionary work....if you can access a small
dictionary that Tini created right now, with a few signs, then the
other bigger dictionary must be there too. When you started your new
dictionary file for Tini, what did you name it? The original larger
dictionary is named 001. You can switch over to any dictionary, by
going to Setup, then Dictionary, and then type in the name of the
dictionary you want.

By the way, I am posting good instruction online (slowly but surely),
and several files are available right now. Go to:

SignWriter 4.4 Lessons Directory


Download Lessons in PDF Format for SignWriter 4.4

Hope this helps!

Val ;-)


>Hi Everyone.
>We need some help again. Tini was adding some new signs to the dictionary
>and somehow she lost the dictionary that we downloaded with SW44US. She now
>only has the signs that she put in herself. I tried to download SW44US.EXE
>and/or SW44US.ZIP but I get a message saying that the page has moved. When I
>go to Download Shareware I get a message saying that the page is not
>available. I have gone around in circles three times now and I'm getting
>dizzy. Is there anyone out there who is willing to help? Thanks,

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